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About this blog …

I’ve been thinking about making my own blog lately cause, there are few things that I wanted to share and I didn’t had my own place to do it so … well, I made it.

I guess WordPress is pretty good for doing such thing, and it took me less than half an hour to install it, as for now I can’t say I’m really disappointed since there is also nice some cool themes available (I’ll try to customize one as soon as I have some time, which is really not any time soon) Wink

BTW, I’m a French student, in my fourth year of studying at ISEN Toulon. I like few things like OpenSource, OpenHardware, Linux, OOP and embedded dev, and that’s mainly what this blog is going to talk about.

Hope you’ll find things interesting in it Wink


  1. [Beer] [Beer]

    I am a student and want to learn more about ARM9.
    I bought mini2440, install RedHat linux in virtual machine and write a sime QT test program.

    I need someone to talk about how to put program into mini2440.

    I would appreciate if you would be so kind and contact me back.

    My MSN = email provided when writing this message

    • cor cor

      I’m also a student and I also have a few projects to deal with Wink

      If you have questions, I might be able to answer them, but I don’t have much time to provide some kind of live support.
      Maybe you can do the tutorials available on and try #mini2440 for help. You will gain some good knowledge on the subject that way (I did).
      And as you know, the mini2440 is based on the S3C2440, which has an embedded ARM9 core, so almost every resource based on ARM9 hardware is relevant for some matters like embedded linux, debugging, JTAG, etc … And if you have already installed a linux embedded, then there is again a huge cloud of quality documentation available out there, Google is your friend Smile


  2. bartman bartman


    nice tutos.
    Your Can demo via SPI is interesting me as I also would like to use SPI for an external position sensor; the pictures are little to see and I don’t have yet any mini2440 board (hard to get the new one from France and those on ebay are not advised): will the new 128Mb board will be ok, and is it easy to access SPI connector and programm it ?


    • cor cor

      apparently the board is exactly the same apart from the memory size update, so the headers should be the same, with same pin functions.


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