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“Hello World !” using Qt with CMake and recipe for OpenEmbedded

I just wrote a tutorial about Qt. It’s about a simple program with Qt, that gets compiled with CMake.
Then I build a recipe in order to include it in a OpenEmbedded image.

You can see the howto here.


  1. Hi, nice article I would to know if you know something about How could I make a standalone gui app without using a X windows into a embedded linux with kernel 2.6, so If you could give me any help to start will be the best.


    • cor cor

      Using Qt Embedded you do not need a X11 since it render the application directly into framebuffer.
      Qt has it’s own windows server (QWS, which has a quite explicite name Razz), so you just need to compile your application, even on a standard PC with Windows or Linux, where you can run your application easily, and then you can test that application by compiling it against Qt Embedded, and you should be able to run it on your embedded plateform simply by specifying the -qws option.

  2. mso mso

    Thanks for the example,
    but can you list the actions which have to be done in order to compile the example on the host system and run it on the mini2440?

    I mean:
    – which packages do I need on my host system?
    – how do I start compiling?
    – where do I find my executable?
    and so on

    thanks a lot

    • cor cor

      The package are most lickely to be compiled when bitbacking Qt, however I’m not sure they are installed by default. They must be some kind of “qt examples” packet that you can install using opkg, or require at image-baking time.
      I think they end up being in some subdir of /usr/share.

  3. fm fm

    Thanks a lot for your howto.

    I tried to reproduce your example on linux. Building works fine but I get a segmentation fault (while executing “_button = new QPushButton(this);” in MainWindow).

    Qt version: 4.6.0
    PATH and LD_PATH set to /Qt-4.6.0/bin/ and /Qt-4.6.0/lib resp.

    Do you have an idea what might go wrong?


  4. Alain Alain

    Bonjour, impressionné par ton travail!, je recherche un coup de main pour un projet d’interface FriandlyARM –> Java (c.a.d. la conception d’une librairie accessible en java pour avoir accès au gpio du board). Je me débrouille en java, mais pour l’embedded… c’est une autre histoire. Serais-tu capable de faire ce travail incluant une image complète d’os pour le mini2440 (moyennant rétribution) ?

    Merci d’anace pour ta réponse.

  5. Ch Ch

    Thank you for this example! I am making some experiments with Qt, BlackBerry OS (QNX) and cmake and could use your post to create a cmake build in minutes. Keep up the good work!

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